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Matthew Macfadyen.
r u l e s.

001. We are a fan community dedicated to Matthew Macfadyen and we appreciate all your opinions and your participation. That's what makes this place fun.

002. If you're posting news, please remember to add the original source to your entry.

003. You can post anything you want as long as it's Matthew related.

004. If you want to post an entry about a movie script, private pictures, music/movie downloads from any of the projects Matthew has worked on... you can.

005. Please remember to tag your entries with our existing tags and to put large pictures or spoilers behind a cut.

008. If you are posting less than 15 pictures, you must include all of them in your post. Please avoid having posts that include only a few thumbnails and a link to a fan gallery. Inconveniently, fan sites can go down for periods of time--making it difficult for members to browse through photos. Implementing this rule makes it more convenient for all of our members.

l i n k s.

IMDB page
Darcylicious: Matthew Macfadyen...most ardently!
Matthew Macfadyen Online
Stellar Matthew Macfadyen
'Death At A Funeral' official site
'Pride & Prejudice' movie site
Yahoo! Movies 'Pride and Prejudice' mini site
Working Title's 'Pride and Prejudice' mini site
BBC 'Spooks' mini site
'In My Father's Den' official site
posting help.

c r e d i t s.

profile code.

co m m u n i t i e s.

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